Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself to you. You can scroll down and read what I wrote seven years ago. My guess is you won’t find it as interesting as I did. So I’m keeping it there really for my purposes only. I think it’s important to be reminded where you came from and want to keep it there so that I can see how far or not far (depending on the day and the way I feel) I’ve come.

Lisa Demmi, speaker, author, social mediaOk, so back to me…

I’m still a part time artist, a less time musician and an all the time human. I am still happily with the same woman I was with then and we recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We have four dogs (significantly less kids than we had when last reported) and we still sing to them.

What has changed? Plenty! I have lost a business, started another business. Closed that business and opened another business of which I currently have. It’s a marketing firm that provides content marketing for medium sized businesses of all industries…surprise. My firm and I have helped thousands of small and medium sized businesses get found and grow their companies.

I received my Masters Degree in Business Administration about three years ago and thought about a Ph.D. for about 15 seconds before saying no and going on with my merry self!

I am quite sure that I give away more advice than my business coaches would ever like to know about. BUT that’s me and I’m ok with it.

Recently, I have begun to think about what I want to do when I grow up. I like music, cooking, sports, writing, speaking and would like to try my hand at doing something like making furniture or art again.

I also like helping people. That makes me feel good. If it makes them feel good then I feel even “gooder.”

Listen, I’ve gone through a lot of shit (warning: I do cuss and will likely continue to do so here. If cussing offends you, please change th channel ASAP.)

The shit hasn’t stopped me but it has given me many experiences, most of which I don’t ever want to live again and all of which I would never wish didn’t happen. Why? Because it made me who I am today. I am nothing spectacular but I am me and I have things to share and I’m really good with who I am.

So enough about me. Why don’t you tell me about you. I wanna know.

Oh, and thanks for visiting me. That also makes me feel good…visitors. Stop back by again soon.


hi all…let me introduce myself. i’m lisa and i live in florida. i’m a proud american who happens to be gay, a catholic turned methodist, a sometime musician, a sometime artist, and all the time human.

i have been with a wonderful woman for three years now and finally found someone who lets me be me. we have five dogs, two cats and a couple of very large fish that we sing to every morning.

my family is extremely important to me and are my best friends as well as co-workers and heroes.

my tastes run from the food network (did i mention at one time i wanted to be a chef and owned a restaurant with my dad?) to mma to business to what i want to do when i grow up.

i could stand to stress a little less and i think this blog may just help me do that by getting things off my chest, finding agreement and/or being exposed to the other side, saying i’m wrong, standing defiantly in my own righteousness or just letting go and stop taking my self so seriously.

i hope you’ll join me here every now and then…

Lisa sketch

7 thoughts on “about

  1. That’s a great introduction to you! I’ve got the RSS feed going, so I’ll be looking for the latest and greatest.


  2. What an insidiously fun blog to read!Damn it’s refreshing to read someone who’s not afraid to put their thoughts out there in everyday English that we all use. I know I’ll be back for more :^)


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