Transcend the Bullshit

I have a shirt with that phrase on it and it couldn’t be more appropriate for what has transpired in my world in the last week.

But let’s back up and talk a little bit about said bullshit, yes?

I LOVE, I mean LOVE, when my friends do well and succeed. It’s a win for me when they do because I like and care about them AND selfishly, I want to surround myself with people who do well.

But that’s not so with all people.

Recently, it’s come to my attention that some of my hard earned gains are not seen that same way but perhaps, as threats or competition.

Well, that hurts me.

My mother , yes Mama Sandra, always taught her kids to care and be happy for others’ successes and I grew up thinking that’s the way everyone acted.

Not so.

Perhaps, I’m naive in thinking that way BUT I like that my mind set is pretty positive ( ok, there was that one time when someone got the good parking spot from me.)

Like I said, this hurt me and it weighed heavy on my mind for a few days. After just getting it off my chest with my wife and one of my best friends, I let it go. Like poof, no more energy spent on it. And more importantly, I went back to focusing on the good things, th and goals I want to achieve and the life I’m creating.

AND, guess what?

I’ve been more productive this week than ever, I received a couple really good messages regarding things I’ve been working on, my business is starting to take off from both and engagement and exposure standpoint AND I go an offer from a really cool startup that “I can’t refuse!”

Once I let go of those negative feelings and redirected to the positive, my week exploded!

Yes, I am one of those people who believe in energy and the power of attraction. BUT, I’m also one of those people who likes proof.

This week I got it BIG TIME!

Listen, be open, do NOT wallow in the negative- it just doesn’t serve you at all. Think about what you want to appear in your life and then take action over and over and over again.

This is what I call SMALL MAGIC and the formula is:
(awareness + action) x habit

Do it. Take just one thing and use this formula and you’ll get it. I’m proof.

So, go out and transcend the bullshit and be magical!


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