Unless You’re Bleeding…

Or your house is on fire…

That’s what my mom always says when she’s had enough of family time. We’re a big Latin family who then divorced and remarried into a cracker family and ALL of us get together at every occasion…holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Super Bowl, Tuesdays…You name it; we probably get together for it.

So imagine this: 15-ish family members, maybe another 5-10 extended family and possibly people who just wander in because they hear the fun and likely, smell what the Mom is cooking, and you have a REALLY full house. My Mom loves this…for about 4 hours and then she’s done with us and ready for us to go home. That’s when she declares “I don’t want to see you unless someone is bleeding or your house is on fire!” In Mom language, that’s code for ” get out now and don’t bother me for a few days. Our family gatherings are very much a source of pride and warmth and loud noises.

Like I said…after about 4 hours of this, she is done.

Here’s what’s great about this. My mom knows her limits and makes sure to take care of herself by making the boundaries clear…crystal clear.

Why am I discussing it here? Because this is a really important aspect of not only personal life, but also business. Something that a lot of entrepreneurs do is plunge into work and keep going, going, going. Some people only have that one speed and that’s the way they operate 24/7. Not everyone has that same capacity. Learning to listen to your body and take breaks is smart and can allow you to increase your productivity, attitude and in the long run, effectiveness.

Look, I’ve been there, done that. I can remember being SO excited to work on  my business that my other partners and I were up sending emails every morning at 4am. I ran on adrenaline and coffee for about six months. We did get a lot accomplished BUT what was the cost? I think for me that I have to remember to determine the ratio of getting it done-edness (it’s a word if you know what I mean) to taking care of myself. That’s different for every one. Keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” for anybody in business and we all work in the way and at the speed (and level of sleep deprivation) that works best for us.

If you’re someone who can’t self monitor AND you want to be more aware of your own well being, get an accountability partner. Sometimes, having that extra voice (the ones in your head don’t count) to make sure that you’re taking time out for yourself is all you need

I think my Mom is available. Just don’t bother her unless someone is bleeding or your house is on fire.


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