My Mom Knows Everything

But don’t tell her I said so…

When I was eighteen years old, it was legal for 18 year olds to drink. I went out on a Saturday night with all my friends and we would go to a bar called Cap’n D’s ( the name has been changed to protect the innocent….maybe).

imageAnyway, on this particular evening, I probably drank a little more than I should and was feeling very lucky to be dropped off before my parents got home from their night out. Stumbling in the door, I remember thinking “thank God.” No one was home and I was just going to slip into bed with no one aware of my condition.

That’s when the house phone rang. Some of us may remember those phones that were actually plugged in and had a long cord so that you could move around a room? Anyway, and perhaps ironically, the closest phone was in my parent’s room. I walked in, answered the phone and simply said ” hello.” My mother was on the other end and she said four little words: “had too much, huh?”

I was nearly speechless and I tried to come up with an answer that might throw her off the track. I mean, how could she possibly know?!

Simple, my Mom knows everything.

Listen, when we’re young, we don’t always listen or take advice from our parents.

It’s very much the same in business. When we’re new in business, we either don’t think we need help or we don’t want to ask for it. OR better yet, we don’t want anyone to know that we need help.

Get over it.

Image how much aggravation I might’ve been able to save myself from had I listened to my Mom more often. A lot….

Now, imagine how much aggravation you might be able to save yourself if you listened, asked for help or took counsel from someone who has been there done that.

Yes, times have changed and business has changed but the basic principles of doing business are (read: should be) the same.

Once, I got over myself and listened to what “more seasoned” business people had to say, I got some nuggets of gold. You can talk with someone in your industry or just someone whom you admire as a businessperson. I believe these people are often called mentors, advisers, and even friends or family.

I’ll share a couple nuggets:

  • Take your business personally. Most people say the exact opposite. Some of the most successful business people I’ve spoken to DO take their business personally. It keeps them connected to their mission, their people AND their bottom line.
  • Share. It’s no longer going to serve you to hide away what you know. Share your triumphs, developments and advancements. If you’re afraid others will use it too, then you aren’t doing enough. This will keep you on your toes and push you to be better. Comfort is most certainly the death of you and your business.

We all have access to these people. The are right next to us, if not literally, then certainly, figuratively.

So go talk to your Mom and see what she has to say. If she asks if you’ve had too much to drink, just fess up…she already knows.

Mom knows everything.

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