Mexico and Attitude

I’ve been in Mexico for nearly a week and I’ve made some observations:

  • The eggs are better here.
  • A small gesture can make a big difference.
  • A rainy day in Mexico is better than a rainy day in Florida.
  • Sometimes, Friday is good; sometimes, it’s depressing.
  • People really are people no matter where they’re from.

Allow me to expand on each.


The eggs in Mexico really do taste better! I cooked them in my room and they were amazing. No salt, no pepper- just egg. Just in case you’d like to import your eggs from Mexico…


At at the resort we were staying, every staff member greeted us hello or good day and with that put their right hand on their heart. Not a lot of effort but it really made an impact on me. While a small thing, I will likely remember it for a very long time. At least until I become senile and can’t remember my own name.


Duh, a rainy day anywhere is almost always better than a rainy day at home.


When a Friday comes at the end me of a work week, it’s great! We all rejoice in Fridays as they signal the weekend. When a Friday comes at the end of a vacation week AND you return on Saturday, it’s not so great. Funny, huh? Same day, same time of the week and different emotion. Incidentally, today is the Friday at the end of a vacation week.


I’ve seen Mexicans, Europeans, Asians and Americans this week and guess what? We all want the same things: time with our families, relaxation, fun, safety, protection, and so much more. I’ve seen it all week and met people from all over and they all have the same needs I do. Language isn’t necessary. You can see it all around; I did.

imageOk, so where does the attitude part of this post come into play? Here. Taking time off from every day life is periodically a good thing to do. It recharges your batteries, lengthens your spine (ok, maybe just mine), and can give you a chance to reflect and reset your compass. It certainly did for me.

I’ll  be back at home tomorrow and by Sunday will likely be a little more stressed, a little less relaxed and possibly a little bit shorter.

What I’ll still have is my compass reset and I can look back on this week and re-read this post and remember that it’s my attitude that dictates my day.

“Como se acuesta, se levanta.”


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