Time Flies.

That’s it. Time flies…not necessarily when you’re having fun but all the time. Getting caught up in all the day to day doings I know I forget that days pass by so quickly.


I’m probably not going to tell you anything here you don’t already know. Consider this a reminder.

Two things that have been on my mind: Exhaust every moment and make every day count because whether you want it to or not, it’s happening. Days do not require your permission nor do they wait for you to catch up.

Last year a very good friend of mine got married and something the couple mentioned was to “exhaust every moment.” Some days I’II get complacent and, well lazy, and I justify that it’s okay to sit on my ass because I deserve it. After all I’ve worked so hard for so long, I should be okay taking a break, right? Sure. If I don’t want to make any progress; if I don’t want to follow through with my plans; if I’m good letting another moment go by. Listen, it’s my choice. I’m a big girl and I get to decide how I spend my time. I just have to remember that my actions may not correspond with the results I want AND not to get mad or be disappointed when that happens.

The other thing is that no matter what, time passes. Whether you are productive, healthy, happy, sad…days pass and I can’t stop that. A friend of mine told me a couple years back that she had brain cancer and that it was inoperable. I remember clearly sitting at my desk in my office and hearing those words and just not knowing what to do, think or say. I was numb. Well, this friend proceeded to take life and squeeze every last drop out of every day and not let one more second pass without doing something….for herself, for others, for everyone…people she didn’t even know. Once again, I got complacent. She’ll beat this. I have time. Well, I didn’t. She ran out of time. At least time here on earth. But not without first making an indelible mark on this world and not just sitting around letting days pass.

That’s pretty much it. It’s not rocket science. Make every day count. Don’t let time pass you by because it will and it does and time flies.

I leave you with two last things:




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