Gay Activist or Worst Gay?

Lisa Demmi, gayYes. I am gay. I’m also a sister, daughter, aunt, mom of four legged kids and an almost wife. I’m also of Cuban/Italian heritage. I’m a business owner and tax payer. I love music, sports, art and talking…a lot.

Gay activist I am not. Often I have even referred to myself as the worst gay. It used be kinda funny. Now I don’t use that description anymore.

Really, I’m not the worst gay either.

I’m just who I am and let that speak for me. I guess the way I see it is that I’m not here to convince everyone that gay people are just like everyone else. I’m not even trying to convince my little part of the world. All I’m doing is being a person and that’s the double secret special tactic I use so that everyone likes gay people.

I used to wonder if that was a cop out but I don’t think so. I think being exactly who you are all the time is tough enough. That said, I have found that people like me or don’t like me because of me, not because I’m gay.

We do need those trailblazers who will fight for the cause at hand whether it be gay rights, women’s rights, civil rights or what have you. Someone has to push the agenda. Without those kind of people who force everyone to deal with issues, women may not have the right to vote, African Americans may still have separate entrances and areas to use, and children might still be working in factories at a young age.

So I’m neither. I’m not a gay activist; I’m not the worst gay.

I’m just Lisa.

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