God and the Lexus?

so i was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was telling me how she was having difficulty these days. she is very religious and i seem to be leaning toward spiritual so the conversation turned to God. she said that she wanted to just leave it all in God’s hands but that at times it was difficult to do so. in my infinite spiritual wisdom i gave her an example…God and a Lexus?

me: you know how a Lexus has the parking feature and you just let go of the wheel and it does it all for you?

her: yeah…

me: why don’t you look at this the same way and let go of the wheel. if you keep holding on or you grab the wheel midturn you’ll back into the car behind you…

her: did you just compare God to a Lexus

me: um yeah…i think so…

her: (silence)

thank God (no pun intended here) that she knows me so well and knows i meant nothing sacrilegious BUT i still think it was a really effective analogy…

4 thoughts on “God and the Lexus?

  1. Seriously, if God were a car, he/she/it would a car with no wheels. Why? Because cars without wheels don’t exist.


  2. A regularly used convention among Protestant “evangelicals”, as popularized by James Kennedy and his “Evangelism Explosion” program, uses a common chair as an analogy not unlike the one you used with the Lexus. (But I am sure someone had a problem with this, too). The idea is equally simple: We can believe the chair will support us, but we don’t demonstrate our faith until we rest in it. We can believe God will hold us, but until we rest in Christ, there is nothing that would indicate our faith is authentic and our experience of God remains a concept only.

    Our words can’t fully contain God, who is Spirit, and it is a common practice to offer analogy or even anthropomorphism as a means of growing in the way of truth. The writer of one of the Psalms compared God to a mother hen. Psalm 36:7 How precious is your loving kindness, God! The children of men take refuge under the shadow of your wings.

    BTW, I hope to use the “Lexus” analogy soon.


  3. Steve…thanks for getting my back. some were not amused by my example which is good because it wasn’t meant to amuse. ok, i’ll admit it may be somewhat unorthodox but the thought is the same as you show with your example of the chair!


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