when i grow up?

the other day the wife and i are driving somewhere and i asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and she says…”i’m almost 50! i’m too old for that now.” that kind of caught me off guard. it made me mad AND sad at the same time. why? because i’m not that far behind her at 48.

i personally think  my best is yet to come. i think i haven’t become what i’m going to be when i grow up and that i haven’t quite refined my place in the world yet. so i started thinking how sad it was that someone not yet 50 thinks they are too old to be what it is they want to be in life. hell,someone at 50, 60 or 70…when is the age you’re too old to be what you want to be? as far as i’m concerned, we never get there…

what do you guys think? should we just curl up and keep going through th motions after we hit a certain age? i don’t feel like i’m old AND i certainly don’t think i’m too old to be whatever it is i’m gonna be…

5 thoughts on “when i grow up?

  1. Yes, I feel old. And no, I don’t have any more dreams to fulfill (except maybe getting laid again sometime before I die) and I don’t expect to ever accomplish anything of value. I will not be remembered.

    I would give anything to be 20 years old again, but I’d probably waste my life all over again.

    You know what they say… “Youth is wasted on the young.”

    Im 46 and it’s just a long slog until I keel over… I hope to have laughs and friends and meaningful relationships, but I’m not that amped about anything. The world is a bucket of feces.

    The End.


  2. This is a really interesting subject. I completely understand where your wife is coming from as even though I haven’t made it completely out of my 30’s (but close), I’m pretty confident that I may indeed get to experience quite a bit more before I die, but I don’t think I’m at an age where I can live out my dreams necessarily.

    It seems like the breakdown occurs because of simple physiology. Although mentally we’re all much younger, physically our bodies just don’t allow us to do everything our imaginations can conjure up.

    Not to mention that we really do have a “disposable” mentality right down to people, so aging is definitely not revered. In fact, we do everything in our power to avoid it and prolong the inevitable.

    BUT and this is a very big BUT, having a terminal outlook on life or regretting, or not being proud of what you are at this moment only leads to misery in my opinion. If you’re putting out that kind of aura, then you’ll get an equal and opposite reaction (usually negative).

    So, my long-winded way of saying you are what you think and if you want to change your life course at 50, 70 or 90 and you’re physically able to do so, I say go for it.


  3. @Derek…i love your view of this and that is exactly the way we should all approach aging. many people who have made tremendous impacts on the world have not done so until later in life…grandma moses didn’t start painting until her 70’s, beverly sills, famous opera singer, didn’t start until her 40’s, charles darwin published his first book at 50 and julia child first appeared on tv at 50…sooooooo…i submit that it’s never too late.


  4. Well, my first and my immediate instinct is to say that it is never too late to find what feed’s your soul! Then, almost immediately after that, that little inner voice…you know the one that is never quiet….says to me “Ok then what are you waiting for!” I truly believe that IT is out there for everyone….the career you want, the love you want, the life you want…and unless you’re sitting on the bench watching it all go by, you are moving in the direction of IT!
    Great post, @wutupdogg. Made me think, check myself, pop my rubberband, etc.

    Getting off the Bench


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