Roller Coaster of Life…Say What?

yes, boys and girls…I have been on the roller coaster of life for the past few weeks and let’s just get this clear…i HATE roller coasters! i have been going through a little something something here for the last couple three weeks and i think i finally got the weird looking carny guy with the eye patch and omnipresent cigarette hanging from his snaggle tooth mouth to stop the damn thing and let me off…let me explain. not that i’m calling myself the weird looking carny guy with the eye patch and omnipresent cigarette hanging from my snaggle tooth mouth BUT i am the one who stopped the ride. i had been feeling like a loser, baby, jack ass with no confidence in myself…pathetic, big fat party of one! anyway, after driving my wonderful, patient and still with me wife crazy and moping around for way too long, i cranked that ride to a full on stop and got off. roller coaster of life

wow lisa, that’s great…why tell us?

well, this is a good story…who of us hasn’t had a crap thing happen that you didn’t expect to knock you off your feet and then had to act like your little scrappy dog when she tries to get up on the bed and pull your sorry ass up? i guess few if any…

the moral of the story is “stay off roller coasters if you don’t like them AND in the event you get on one and don’t realize it, either give the amusement park “associate” some money to stop immediately OR take the controls yourself and stop the dang thing”. you will feel better; i promise.

ok, gotta go find the little kid that was holding my purse and soda while i was on the ride…the soda was nearly full for crying out loud…

3 thoughts on “Roller Coaster of Life…Say What?

  1. Control is unattainable, but I agree with being able to change rides! Been there many times the coaster looks thrilling, but a ride after lunch can definatly send you off in the wrong direction (Or too many rides on the coaster in a row!) As I age, I find the calmer rides give us more pleasure. Kudos to you for learning this so early in life….I know many twice your age that havent learned yet!


  2. @Jeanene…true, true…thanks, you always have the right thing to say!
    @George…yes, they would and there won’t be any airing of this dirty laundry…not my style.


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