it just doesn’t matter…

repeat after me…it just doesn’t matter…what doesn’t matter? the little things that happen in your life to knock you off your track. a new friend i recently made said that “Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. When you have obstacles and have a door close on you, another door opens. Don’t cry over the missed opportunity, look forward to the new opportunity and move on with your life.” (Kytka Hilmar-Jezek)

i believe that things are being presented to me and showing up in my life and i’m on this crazy ride. even though i hate rides (i’m the drink and purse holder at amusement parks, etc.) i’m getting on this one.

so like i said…it just doesn’t matter but it really does because these little things may be those exits Kytka is talking about. once i get over the initial hurt, anger and whatever other stages i have to go through, this gives me peace knowing that it’s a change in direction. just knowing that has already got my wheels turning and helped to ease some of those feelings that have been taking from me for the last week or so…

of course, there’s also wine and chocolate…

2 thoughts on “it just doesn’t matter…

  1. Perspective is a good thing. Too bad it can’t be acquired without going through the suffering first.

    Moving to Seattle was probably the best thing I’ve ever done, but the first 6 months here was such an awful transition, and I really thought I had made a huge mistake. I think (and my therapist confirms this) that I am someone who really struggles with change more than most people. I don’t like it, yet I force it upon myself because I believe it is the only way to learn anything new or see the world from a different perspective. The things that can be grasped intellectually (the changes you desire), can’t really be known until they are experienced.

    Of course, there are a bunch of other changes I’ve always wanted to make, but it’s hard to make changes stick without shutting the door on the past. Unfortunately, some doors don’t shut so easily.

    I guess these comments only loosely relate to your post, but anywho…



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