who wins in a fair fight…karma or wwjd?

so recently, several situations have appeared in my life including big and small (the bp oil spill being a big issue and getting dissed by a friend being a smaller, as far as the universe is concerned, issue). i was going karmato discuss the merits of retribution and possible castration but instead i decided to go a different route. i discussed this with a friend of mine and she said to take the high road. now, this friend is very religious and i value her opinion a lot. i am not as religious as she is but consider myself very spiritual and had already wwjdconsidered wwjd. i am also a firm believer in the fact that the universe will take care of itself. that got me thinking…who’d win in a fight…karma or wwjd? or can they work together to form one kick ass tag team?

what do you think?

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