retract the retraction?

ok…so i may have overreacted ever so slightly about my prof. he graded me fairly and i just need to “learn” him a little better. had The Profclass tonight and much better. giving the guy the benefit of the doubt AND it didn’t hurt that he told me how smart i am. either he is honest and pure or he’s really good at stringing one along and then giving you just enough rope to be giddy….probably neither of those and he’s a mere human….you’ll probably find out next week when i have to retract my retracting of the retraction…what?! anyone in the teaching profession care to weigh in on this one? how bout setting me straight here, gang. what do college professors really think of their students? no one will know but you, me and the three other people who occasionally read this blog…

hit me…figuratively, of course…

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