I freakin’ LOVE school- the retraction

thanks Professor

ok…so last week i was all high and mighty about how much i LOVE school! well, the class i was talking about is fine BUT in the middle of my otherwise calm, relaxing weekend, i find out that i only got 55% on my posts from the other class…

now, i don’t freakin’ love school so much…

this all illustrates that professors do things totally different and even though there is supposed to be some sort of

consistency from one class to another…there is not. why are you so ticked lisa? because i am a ridiculous perfectionist

who can’t bear to think that i have a crappy grade in one class for even a week’s time.

there! i said it! yes, i am ridiculous…BUT i think that kind of ridiculousness (word?) is good because it keeps me on the edge and makes me do the best i can do even if i think the instructor may just have been a little too picky for his own

standards…do as i say, students…not as i do…right, prof?

okay…off my chest…i feel better…thanks for the outlet as usual.

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