blogging and wine pairing

Blogging and Wine pairing

Wine for the blogging enthusiast

i always seem to have a glass of wine close by when i’m blogging these days…not sure if it has to do with the extreme stress i’m under and i just have a glass of wine close by pretty much ALL the time or…well, you get the point. BUT i thought it might be helpful to create a pairing for those less advanced bloggers to use as a “cheat sheet” as it were…

Chardonnay for instance goes with a nice sharp, fresh zinger…if you’re going to do a quick one or two liner and get out quick without anyone even knowing what happened!

Cabernet is for a long, lingering emotion filled, maybe even profanity laced tirade against the zealot du jour or evil wrongdoer who really deserves a nice smack on the ass!

a Port is good for a post about chocolate and that’s pretty much it.

Chianti is best used for posts in Italian…which will never happen here since i only know how to cuss in Italian and i’m a nice girl from a nice family.

last but not least, there’s beer…i think anything regarding politicians or politics goes good with beer since yeast is a unicellular fungi and that always makes me think of politicians (who says you can’t learn anything from blogging?)

if you have a favorite pairing or drink for blogging, please feel free to add here…i’m willing to explore all combinations

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