sorry God

i’ve been thinking that maybe  i’ve been a little hard on God. i’ve been telling Him how unhappy i am with Him and maybe i am not getting the big picture. He seems to giving me just enough to keep me going which incidentally reminds me of a few of my ex-girlfriends….brrrrrr…i digress….do i just wait to see the plan He has or do i keep arguing with Him and feeling like i’m getting nowhere. here’s the kicker…i had lunch with a friend of mine last week and he asked me what i’m searching for on this journey through faith (sounds like a bad sunday religious channel movie title, huh?) anyway…i could not answer him. it was the oddest thing but i really could not give him a good answer as to what i’m looking for…i really don’t have a clue. i found that to be somewhat irritating and uncomfortable to be honest and it has gnawed at me all weekend…anybody have any comforting words of support or inspiration?

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