uncle! or God

ok…so today has been one of those days for me….business this week has been nearly nonexistent, my wife and roommate got into an argument this morning which is no fun for the rest of the house, i had a board meeting that lasted 8 hours and felt like a battle AND my laptop crashed yet again!

what do i do…one of two things…i either cry uncle and just give up OR i have a talk with God. I’m kinda thinking God wishes i would cry uncle. the conversation goes something like this AND keep in mind that this is usually happening in my car and i am speaking out loud…

me: ok God…what exactly is your point here?

God: no answer

me: because if you’re testing me i really think i’m good here thanks…

God: no answer

me: i’m really getting frustrated with you and want to suggest that we come to some sort of a resolution

God: no answer

radio: come to 2001 space odyssey where we have the coldest beer and the hottest ladies dancing for your pleasure…

me: God, what did you mean by that?

and so it goes….

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