argument tip #2

thank you for rejoining the series on arguments…

tip #2

i have found sarcasm to be invaluable in an argumentative setting particularly when the goal is to drive your co-arguer into a blind rage…one so explosive as to have a blood vessel burst. for you novices out there, i do not recommend this as a beginning move. i would however start with a simple comment about their mother or the fact that you never liked their cat/ dog/ brother (feel free to improvise here with the appropriate insult of choice) in the first place…if presented properly this should at worst get you a “what did you say?!” for those in the intermediate or master level you could actually respond with some such retort like “why would you care what i said now since you never listen to a word i say anyway?” if well placed this should result in you sleeping on the couch/ in car/ at uncle harry’s house. well done and bravo to you!

Please join me for the next installment of argument tips soon!

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