argument tip #1

i have decided to share my vast knowledge of  argument management and any tips i have picked up along the way…periodically, i will be giving you some useful hints with regard to arguments, how to have one or avoid one, what to say to escalate a situation and what to say to get the hell beat out of you. join me on this journey if you will and feel free to interject your own personal experiences as you never know when something as small as telling someone to duck may just save their life…

argument tip #1

never…let me repeat…NEVER during the throes of an argument under any circumstances ask the person you’re arguing with to calm down…this will only accomplish getting the person you’re arguing with more worked up AND make the situation even more explosive than it was in the first place. if you decide to ignore my advice i must direct you to the waiver of responsibility at the bottom of this post….

waiver of responsibility: i am not liable for any actions that may follow should you decide not to heed my advice because it is clear that you are an idiot and a glutton for punishment

join me soon for argument tip #2

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