time to change churches

ok…i’m sure i’ll get slammed for this one…i am changing churches. i have decided that mine is not a good fit and maybe that’s what is holding me up on my journey to know Jesus and God. why do i think my current church is not a good fit? for a few reasons…one is that i have been constantly told things will be different and that we will all make contributions and our ideas and opinions are important. i go to all the meetings, make suggestions (which etiquette says should at least be acknowledged) and generally “play by the rules” only to find that i am one of the few doing that. i am way too frustrated for my own good and two weeks ago i was so mad at church on sunday that i didn’t even hear the service…nice, right? so…i have started to look elsewhere…i think finding the right place where i have something in common with the community and that i feel at home will set the table for my continued journey to faith. am i taking the easy way out or is this something that some of you have also gone through before you found your place? i really want to know Jesus and God and i want to let go inside of that  but i don’t seem to be able to turn that corner and quite honestly, things like this really piss me off and leave me with a bad taste for organized religion.

7 thoughts on “time to change churches

  1. I know all to well your plight, friend. I spent about four years feeling just that way. And, acting on it. Moving from one church to another. I have no reservations in saying that many of the churches I floated in and out of were not the healthiest. But I can also see in retrospect that I was also part of the problem.

    I don’t claim the same for you. But the one thing I learned in the process was that the issues I had didn’t go away with new churches. Often they would just be quiet for a few months until they eventually reemerged and the same problems came up again.

    Perhaps moving to a new church is absolutely the right thing for you to do. It’s also possible that you have you own quiet issues you haven’t been able to deal with yet and they’re sabotaging you attempts.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Remember, it’s not organized Christianity that we have faith in, it’s Jesus. And part of that means we get the benefit of figuring this thing out with a bunch of other screwed up people! 🙂


  2. William and GBU2 (shie’s a peach—I love her stuff) have stated it all very well. The last church I felt the least ‘at home’ at was a tiny place inour neighborhod, which I didn’t frequent near enough. I’ve been to churches in D.C. that felt wonderful, but I was a visitor. I’ve been to the National Basilica, which felt more like a mausoleum than place to celebrate faith. The church my son and I go to now doesn’t give me warm fuzzies, either. As William said, I’m sure I’m part of the problem, but my inability to find a new “comfortable” church hasn’t put a dent in my faith, if anything it’s made it stronger.


  3. I recently left my Church after 3 years of dedicated service sang in the choir, taught a bible study class, worked on many functions etc.., How ever I COULD not and Would not go to church and every other Sunday listen to the Dr. of Theology prach how the Faggots and Queers were ruining the Church and all it belives in. Should you believe everything in the Bible whifh My Dr. did’nt as he was always paraphrasing and putting qoutes which he thought the apositles etc.. meant to say. You would here to love the sinner hate the sin. However I know that God loves me for who I am ad a a person should it be hetrosexual, homosexual or assexual. I have been near death to many times not to KNOW that MY GOD LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM!!!!!!!!


  4. No slamming here I too had to leave my home church for a bit because of things going on. My Dad got a church so it made my transition easy BUT now that I am married and plan to move I need to find a church close to home that I fit and it is HARD. So good luck in your search and God will lead you to a church if you ask him too. So stay with it and I am so glad that you did not allow this church to turn you away from the Lord.

    This is my 1st time on your blog but I enjoyed reading. I too am a blogger so feel free to check me out and comment! 🙂


  5. I just hope you guys as you look for another church, you will really find a church that will really fit your needs. I just want to remind you guys that there is no such thing as perfect church except the church that Christ started.

    All our churches today have their own problems and weaknesses. But I think we have to do our best to contribute to the good health of the church instead to contribute to the problem. Transferring to another church is not the best solution, but humility. As the book of James says, we need to be doers and not merely hearers of the word.

    I have had several churches. But I transferred from one church to another not because of conflicts or problems. But because I migrated from one place to another. All churches that I’ve been have their own strengths and weaknesses. So if you are really looking for a perfect church, well, you might just get disappointed.

    I suggest that where ever God will lead us, let us function as a part of the body of Christ and not just an artificial implanted part.

    God bless you all!!!


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