it’s official…i’m a twitter-holic

me: hi, my name is lisa and i’m a twitter-holic

group: hi lisa

me: i have not been clean at all and i don’t wanna…


i have said many times before now…i do NOT need another vice, particularly one that plants my butt in front of my computer for several hours. BUT my pusher, deek, has opened my eyes to twitter and try as i have, i can’ t avoid the lure of it…so last night, i caved…i only have a few followers and am only following a few right now but there’s something that pulls me to this world of micro blogging and instant messaging. just like my blog, i find it amazing that i can communicate (and sometimes very intimately) with people all over the u.s. in an instant…technology, i love it…i hate it… i have seen some of our “blog-mily” on twitter now as well….hi, sideon, deek and the other one…

i just hope my girlfriend is ok “sharing” me…is too much technology a bad thing? i can rationalize that i’ll be using it for business…i actually do have a business blog and will shortly be setting up a twitter business site (go figure) as well as a facebook site. BUT i wonder if so much internet communication has taken us away from the “face to face” that i still think is vital in business AND in our personal lives. i’m a real touchy feely kind of gal and i’m sure that i would never replace that with all of the networking/ social sites but i wonder if we’re creating a nation of people that don’t get the proper amount of actual in person interaction or if we’re actually connecting more with our fellow u.s. citizens because of all the advances made in the last several years, months, days (haha).

what do you think?

13 thoughts on “it’s official…i’m a twitter-holic

  1. It has always been my firm belief that a delicate balance must be struck between the human touch and the desire to communicate in a removed fashion. I have met a good number of good people via the Internet, from all walks of life and diffrent parts of teh world. But that, in itself, isn’t what we as humans are geared for psychologically. If you haven’t already, give a cursory view to Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. You can argue it’s a bit dated, but I think at its core it still holds up.


  2. Yes, technology reduces face time, but it might also increase it. Without the internet, there are so many people I would never have otherwise met in person. You’re going to be one of them eventually.

    I’ve managed to avoid Twitter by simply refusing to allow my phone to do anything other than phone calls. No touch screen, no keyboard, no camera. I can do basic texting, but other than that what I want in a phone is….wait for it….a phone.

    As for twitter and tweets, all I ever think about is:


  3. @ j.w. maslow’s ideology is pretty cool and rings true for me even now! i’m with you in regard to balance. tip the scales too muych one way or the other and i think you’d be missing out.

    @doug i agree 100%. i feel like a have a whole different circle of friends and whether i meet them or not (meeting you is definitely doable given our geographic proximity and would be great…fyi) i still count you all as friends from a different perspective…hell, i “talk” to all of you more than some of my friends that live wihin miles of me…love the song by the way!


  4. @gbu2…it is…i may end up in divorce if i don’t cut out the crap…i blame this all on YOUR friend deek…he’s YOURS now because he got me into this mess…the bastard


  5. @rachel…i used to have a life…what happenned? haha…having fun meeting a bunch of really cool, smart, twisted, funny and/ or interesting people. thanks for the visit!


  6. I do love the internet age and yes I too have met a ton of great people from the internet. One thing I find myself mulling about is how the internet and cell phone use has impacted the dating world. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had guys text me and ask me out on a date and frankly I was kinda okay with but also kinda not. It is all quite interesting considering the values we place on face time and especially face time during certian social situations.


  7. Hi @wutupdogg.
    My name is @derektampa.
    I too am a Twitterholic.
    I’m on step 3 of 11. Don’t know what the other 8 are, but checked to find out.
    I dream in Twitter, I speak in Twitter, I even chew my food 140 times or less, but what I can tell you is when we get the promised land (the twitterverse), life is going to be great…filled with little micro-blog snippets of all things good.
    I’ll see you on the other side. 😉


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