be honest now…

ok…so i’m trying this new thing where i don’t complain about anything or judge…i know, might as well be asking me to talk without using my hands…i’m latin, you figure it out…anyway…

so i’m driving to work and someone is driving like the biggest jackass (let me interject in my own post for a moment…i GET to say judgmental things and complain on this post as an illustration…) so, naturally, i’m opening my mouth to say outloud that the driver is a jackass (never mind that i’m in the car by myself) and i catch myself and stop. not so bad i think…i can do this all day long…well, let me tell you…i DID have to do it all day long because apparently i am a serial complainer and judger (is that a word?). what did we learn at work today kids? that lisa IS also a jackass…haha…at least i can admit it and laugh about it…

lisa: hi everyone…my name is lisa and i am a jackass…

everyone: hi lisa

lisa & everyone: laughing sounds

will i stop this experiment…no…i want to see how many days i can stay “clean”…maybe i should make that hours?

6 thoughts on “be honest now…

  1. God gave us mouths so we could complain. You’re an American citizen with the God-given rights associated thereto. Bitching about stuff is one of the natural rights of man.

    You know, if I ever went to the doctor and he told me I had to cut out pizza, bean burros, and pasta, I’d be pretty bummed. I imagine our conversation might sound a little like this:

    Doc: “Look, you’re not overweight for your age or height, but your arteries look like a cheese blintz. . .”

    Me: “So what’re you saying, doc?”

    Doc: “I want you to cut out anything that tastes good. Anythinj gyou used to eat that gave you pleasure, it’s now verboten.”

    Me: “Jeez, Himmler, think you could ease up a little?”

    Doc: “I’m serious. Oh and one other thing . . .”

    Me: “What–masturbation’s out too?”

    Doc: “No, well, not yet. Stress isn’t good for you, so you can’t complain anymore.”

    Me: wincing “Just f****ng shoot me, doc!”

    So, I think you’re doing yourself more harm by trying not to complain. It’s part of you. Embrace the Dark Side. I have ;^)


  2. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with complaining, so long as something good comes out of it. If you’re complaining about some ass-hat who’s doing some stupid ass-hat knob-douchery, and your complaint gets the ass-hat to stop doing his thing, then your complaint was worthwhile. If you complain about some fart-eating douche-nozzle (thank’s Sarah Silverman for that one) who’s setting back human evolution by his very existence and will likely procreate and create lots of little douche-nozzles, but no changes in behavior are observed, and/or no one can hear your complaint, and/or you don’t feel better by venting your frustration, then perhaps you might want to explore more positive outlets for your pent-up energies. Like write a poem, or write a nasty letter and burn it in a sacrificial flame ceremony.

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

    Have a good weekend!


  3. @ j.w. i hear you screaming! i’m truly not trying to suppress my feelings but replace them with nicer, happier ones…BUT every now and then a girl has to cut loose though…so don’t you worry, i’m not stopping but merely “corraling”…

    @doug…i’m half serious and half kidding here…i’m not really the kind of person that complains a ridiculous anount. it’s more like catching myself making a crappy comment or “barking and expletive’ when i’m driving…those kinds of things. i do find it somewhat surprising that it happens more often than i would have said before i started my little experiment. that doesn’t make me bad…just makes me human…AND i think that sometimes my blog is my outlet. by the way,i love “ass-hat”…may i borrow the phrase from time to time? i promise i’ll give you full credit.

    both of you…thanks for the suggestions!


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