welcome to wutupdogg radio!

among the other ten million things i say i want to do, i always think i could have my own radio station that plays really great old music, new music, eclectic oddball stuff and pretty much whatever amuses me…music is something that always has and always will be a huge part of my life so i thought i’d start this list and just add songs to it every now and again…here’s what i have so far (in no particular order):

  • crosstown traffic-jimi hendrix
  • jason and the argonauts-xtc
  • 40-u2
  • jungleland-bruce springsteen
  • the blower’s daughter-damien rice
  • up the ladder to the roof-supremes
  • aisha-another bad creation
  • artist in the ambulance- thrice
  • smile for the camera-armor for sleep
  • the deep end-scary kids scaring kids
  • tears of a clown- smokey robinson
  • anything by echo and the bunnymen
  • wonderland-big country
  • precious-chrissy hynde and the pretenders
  • summertime-sublime
  • clincher-chevelle
  • pride-u2

feel free to add your own, tell me how much you hate my choices, tell me how much you love my choices or suggest i find something else to do in my spare time.

to be continued….

3 thoughts on “welcome to wutupdogg radio!

  1. Hmm, I like:

    “Just Dance,” by Lady Gaga
    “Dirty Little Secret,” by All American Rejects
    “Unwritten,” by Natasha Bedingfield
    “Beautiful,” by Christina Aguilera


  2. it suddenly occurred to me that there are songs that won’t be played on wutupdogg radio and while i realize i may be running the risk of upsetting people…in the immortal words of gbu2: “i’m mean when i’m honest!’

    1. you’re beautiful- james blunt
    2. what’s going on- four non blondes (lord help us and save us)
    3. the theme from the entertainer- who cares who plays it…i dislike this song that much
    4. get out of my dreams- billy ocean (was this necessary?)
    5. party all the time- eddie murphy (stick to acting and comedy, eddie)
    6. joey- concrete blonde (apparently i don’t like songs whose band names contain the word “blonde”)
    7. anything that is really twangy country like: swanging- john anderson
    8. all whitney houston songs…sorry babe
    9. working 9 to 5- dolly, we love ya but you won’t get on my radio station
    10. working for the weekend- loverboy (do i really need a reason?)

    ok..so let me have it, add your own or agree 100%…


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