the convenient Christian and other observations…

warning: this post contains bitter rantings…please proceed with caution as you are entering at your own risk…

i have dubbed myself the convenient Christian…you could also call me the lazy Christian, the part time Christian or even the Christian who only attends church on the Sundays she is playing in the band. i personally find this pretty crappy of myself and would love to resolve this….it goes right along with my diet actions as well…convenient, lazy, part time…those (Christianity & diet) are the two areas of my life that are heavy on my mind right now AND isn’t it funny that i can lump them both in the same category? what does that say about my faith that i give it the same importance as my weight…one word: wow…what am i doing? about weight: i started running again…nothing mind shattering but it’s a start. Christianity: i have no clue…read a book “Blue Like Jazz”, by Donald Miller…i blame you Donald for opening up this can of worms about my faith…anyway, really just wanted to say it out loud so that  can’t hide from it anymore…thanks for listening, er, reading….another observation i see when rereading my post is that it sounds like i just want to scratch things off my to do list….like my faith should be just an item on my to do list like pick up the dry cleaning, go to the grocery store and mow the lawn…i warned you….hahahaha

15 thoughts on “the convenient Christian and other observations…

  1. This may make you not like me anymore, but I’d recommend “The Book of Understanding,” by Osho. Part-time will become significantly less, assuming you believe the things you read in this book. Even if not, it might give you something to think about.


  2. Before I begin I’d like to say “It’s so very nice to see you here again :^)” Really!

    Confession One: I, too, make for a crappy Christian/Catholic. I did all the things I was told to do when growing up: First Communion, First Confession, Confirmation, and attended religious ed classes throughout high school. All of that has done little to make me religious. Having said that I’d caution anyone against construing Faith as Religion. To the extent I’m religious I’m conversely of Faith — I have deep Faith, so that should tell you where I stand on organized religion.

    Religion isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but I believe the two are damn near mutually exclusive. Faith is an unshakeable belief in something that can neither be seen nor proven. Can anyone truly prove Love? Yet we almost universally accept it as a concept and state-of-heart. Do we need any sort of organized effort to instruct us on what love is or means (the Joy of Sex or Kama Sutra not withstanding)? Just because I have a penis does that necessarily make me a man? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’ve known people who run the gamut from religious zealot to sealously atheistic. I think most fall in-between somewhere. It bothers me that I’m not a better Catholic, sure.
    Can that be remedied? Sure . . .
    Am I willing to let the Church have at me again? Not yet . . .
    The Church continues to chafe me, but that doesn’t make it a wholly bad enterprise. I still have the utmost respect for Jesus and God, and genuinely hope that when they come for me they won’t hold my slack-ass church-going ways against me, and maybe even judge me for the person I am, not the person the Church wanted me to be.


  3. @gbu2…boys want to be with you and girls want to be you!
    @sammy25…haha…i love that comment…i think i might too!
    @j.w….thanks for missing me AND #1: say three hail marys, #2: preaching to the choir except i don’t have a penis, #3: i hope you’re right or you and i are sitting next to each other in limbo after we die…


  4. The post and the subsequent comments are really compelling reading. I’m not joking. Very interesting.

    Don’t have much to say about the religion thing…you know how I feel about it. But, I think J.W. has some pretty cool thoughts behind the whole thing.


  5. @j.w…sweet talker betty crocker!

    @deek…i was thinking of you a lot when i wrote this post wondering how you’d feel about it. i do know your thoughts on religion and had i experienced what you are experiencing i don’t think i’d feel differently than you…i also know you’re one of the most compassionate humans i have ever met and that you’d put aside your personal feelings and view it from a nonjudgemental vantage point…


  6. Very interesting read. Being brought up in the church, I have seen many ‘convenient’ Christians, some of which may not qualify as ‘Christians’ at all. In my honest opinion, it is establishing the differentiation between religion and faith that sets church-goers apart from the self-proclaimed “Christian”, regardless of the category he or she may put themselves in. Trust me. You are in WAY better shape than most… baby steps are a great start to anything.


  7. I believe that the question should not be ‘What about the church and me?’. Rather, it should be ‘What about Jesus and me?’. If we are to look at the words of Jesus and his followers, then how am I living my life? Am I living for Jesus part time or all the time? I myself live for Jesus part time, and try to live more and more for Him. J W you say that you can not tell how much someone loves. Jesus dealt with this question and said that the proof of your love for GOD was how you love your fellow man. Do I love my fellow man? Not nearly enough, many times I will not extend myself even though I know that the effort will be small. I imagine that I will do great things for Jesus. That is very difficult, when I will not do little things for Him. I try to improve my life and how I live it. Part of my daily prayer for myself is that I will do GOD’s will and not my own, hold my tongue, except to speak His words, and to be a blessing to others. The more that I remember this prayer though the day, the better my day is, and then the better my life will be.


  8. @FENpromos…thanks for the distinction. actually makes me feel better. i knew we’d hit it off!

    @j4m354l3x…great comment…for me? easier said than done. i am most definitely living for Jesus AND Him part time. that’s my struggle. it’s like i’m waiting for a “sign” to make me all of the sudden feel different and i haven’t gotten it. you see it’s all about me…like i said; i’m a crappy christian BUT at least i’m still in the game.


  9. I am humbled by your truth, j4m354l3x. Well said, indeed. For the record, I too need to make a better effort to love my fellow man with the same spirit I reserve for Jesus. We are but human, and only close to Divinity by the grace of God.


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