what was i thinking?

oh poor little unknowing girl…sitting in my office innocently waiting for office 2007 to complete it’s down load onto my laptop…a little giddy, a little anxious…watching the progress bar creep closer to resolution. aha! it’s done…wait, i have to reboot…finally, i can check this out…WTF! office 2007 is a horrible monster that must be tamed…

seriously, have any of you exprienced the dreaded office 2003 to 2007 shock syndrome? it is not pretty. i feel a little like when someone is trying to console you after a break up and they tell you that time will heal all wounds and you want to tell them what they can do with their time AND their wounds…same thing here. everyone says “oh, you’ll hate it for two weeks and then you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!” apparently i am in the first stage of my emotional adventure with office 2007 because i want to scream right now. i can’t find what to do where. and the whole two weeks thing…i’m pretty sure i need to accomplish a couple of things on my computer in the next two weeks. can’t we just jump to the part where i love it?

me: i’m lisa and i’m a computer idiot

group: hi lisa!


17 thoughts on “what was i thinking?

  1. I took one look at 2007 on a friend’s computer and ran screaming from the building. That the goddess that my company is staying with 2003. Of course, now that I said that…


  2. You’re not going to listen to gbu2 are you? She’s got people trying to think like serial killers and stuff….not that I participated in her diabolical test…because I did – I’m just sayin’.

    Please don’t throw your laptop into the pond across from your office – I hear it may possibly void your warranty and render some other software applications useless.

    Just trying to be helpful…


  3. Any new systems in my office come loaded with Microbloat Orifice 2007. I have 2003 on my machine and flat out refuse to upgrade. I’ve seen what others are going through and it’s not something I’m eager to take part in. They had to go an monkey with the menus, just when you finally learn where everything is.

    No thanks. You have my sympathy ;^)

    J.W. Nicklaus


  4. @gbu2…super smart and psycho…an excellent combination!
    @doug…i also ran screaming from the building…i had to come back though because my purse and keys were in my office still.
    @deek…you’re the smart twin
    @J.W…they actually took 2003 OFF my computer so no such luck…


  5. I tried 2007 and I haven’t looked back! Excel is fantastic. Word is great. Access was a little more challenging. Powerpoint is faboo. I haven’t tried any of the other apps yet.

    Don’t give up. The menus are supposedly intuitive. Supposedly. It’s a matter of getting used to where things are (again).

    Big big hugs.


  6. @avomnia…you said it!
    @deek…oh, but you do flatter
    @gbu2…i think he just plays a serial killer in blogworld
    @sideon…excel is my problem child. word, powerpoint…no problem. i am encouraged. i keep forgetting to save the docs down so everyone can read them. hence i get e-mails all day long that say “i can’t open this’. after i am finally completely aggravated i will remember.
    @all of you…if you don’t hear from me in a while, tell deek to come find me because i have been jailed for assault and battery on a laptop…


  7. @alyson…i don’t want to sound contradictory but they were right (whoever “they” is…). i actually really like most of the cool things you can doo on 2007…


  8. I was immediately impressed with the appearance of 2007, even though it took me a while to get used to where everything had been relocated to in the menus. I use Access quite a bit and have found the changes to be very useful. Hang in there!!


  9. @brian…i actually LOVE it now…a lot more functionality across the board…everyone was right. after the initial meltdown, i am very happy with it!


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