the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth

ok…last week i took a bit of a hiatus…i was pissed, pouting, hiding, running, scared and sick to my stomach…i’m letting all of you in now so proceed with caution. i run a small family business and my days have been relegated to watching money go in and money go out…every day i have to talk myself into going to work. i feel like a yo-yo…if we have a good day of checks, i’m alright. if we have a bad day of checks, i’m panicked or worried about paying bills, payroll, whatever. my girlfriend is most definitely going to heaven because she has been putting up with my manic- depressive attitude lately which also pisses me off. i am a happy go lucky person and always light and keeping everyone else’s spirits up. these days it’s a freakin’ miracle if i laugh at something. thank God that He has given me Lynn AND that He has gotten me back into music a little bit or i’d be a basket case the size of texas…then there’s all of my blog buddies…deek, brian, sideon, sammy, doug and last but not least gbu2…you guys entertain me or distract me which is really nice because it stops me from worrying about my own stuff for a little bit…so the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth is that right now i feel pretty lucky to have all the things in my life that i do…

phew…i feel better

3 thoughts on “the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth

  1. well sometimes you have to laugh a little bit (even if it hurts) to get through the bad times….and really the writing should be like therapy….so consider yourself THERAPIZED.


  2. I feel your pain! It seems like lately there have been far more bad days than good — but somehow things continue on and every morning brings the opportunity for perhaps another good day…


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