don’t call it a comeback!

i finally got rid of all those “magazines that i plan on reading soon” today. i broke down and actually moved the  stack from a dining room chair to the desk in the office to the floor under the desk in the office to a stack by the garage door to the recycle bin in the garage. i have also come to the realization that i order way too many magazines. i can’t possibly bear to know what oprah’s best things are or how i can flatten my abs in only 2 minutes a day or that warren buffet is buying stock (ok, i can’t get rid of the sports illustrated for fear of missing out on the swimsuit issue and instyle because i absolutely must know what the hot new purses are). my daily newspaper has dwindled to an all in one section piece of poo poo. where you ask do i find out all the trivialities and news that is apparently not fit to print anymore? i do read a lot on the internet. i also find that a lot of blogs are way more thought provoking (and honest) than most of the major news outlets AND i almost want to boycott the news anyway. it does nothing for my peace of mind and i’m starting to actually get that it’s all b.s anyway. you’re asking yourself “where’s the comeback come in?” sometimes you have to clean out some old stuff to make way for the new stuff even if the new stuff is ca-ca. this way you can process it and get rid of it faster. yes, i will still watch msnbc (morning joe is funny as hell) frequently AND i peruse the morning paper because i do check out the weather and sports occassionally (plus the guy that delivers the paper is really nice). BUT i am putting all others on notice…one of my girlfriend’s favorite things to say when we watch the morning news over coffee is “non-news story!” she usually declares that right in the middle of an obvious filler story that often involves the rabbits that are eating the tomatoes out of someone’s garden or a home owners’ association got mad at someone for having an american flag hanging too far off of their house…blah blah blah

let’s hear it…am i alone here?

9 thoughts on “don’t call it a comeback!

  1. I used to be a certified newsaholic, but I scrounge the internets via blogging now to get my news junkie fix. I can smell a filler story from a mile away. My partner and I catch the news sometimes and we just give each other “that look” for the fluff stories – which means we do that look a lot.


  2. uuummm I hate to admit it but I love a good non news story now and then…it’s a guilty pleasure! LOL…as for the magazines…I know how you feel my room is a mess of Vanity Fairs (yes I read them hahahah) and Newsweek magazines…I can’t help myself sometimes!


  3. I get my news from Comedy Central. It’s the only news that matters anyway. Jon Stewart is my hero! Plus, there are no “non-news” stories in Jon’s coverage! Just pure “real” news! 😉


  4. I second the notion – you’re missed – and now that I am finally back to the blog world, I’ve properly added your blog linky-link.

    Hugs hugs.


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