we are junkies

so here’s my theory on the economic crisis…first, i’m extremely aggravated by the whole thing and i am the first to say that’s naive on my part but this is my venue to say what i want, right?

we have been junkies….the american way of revenue and who ends up with the most and give me more, more, more…well, boys and girls, it has finally caught up to us. we have been addicted to the more, more, more for a while and this is God (or your force of choice’s) way of telling us we need to do a 12 step on our spending and gluttony…

i’m feeling a little spicy this evening so here it is…we have been on this pathetic, unrealistic, selfish cycle of spending and more and get it done no matter what the cost and who cares about the generation that follows us…it’s all about me and now…fuck everyone else…that is such bullshit! what a bunch of shallow assholes we have been…what a GIANT game of denial we’ve been playing. what’s the cost? a lot of good people trying to do things the right way, caring about others, busting their asses, giving everything they have to give and then some, getting the high hard one right up the gullet! if you don’t play dirty, you get trampled and by the way…we’re all getting trampled…this is our time to say “hello, my name is lisa and i’m a junkie…i havent been clean even one day because i’m a self centered jerk who cares only about what i can get for ME!” it’s all a load of crap and i am more than tired of it. my parents raised their kids to be polite and do things the right way and guess what? we’re the ones getting fucked more than anyone else because we don’t have the “killer instinct”….what a bunch of dumb ass motherfuckers we are…i am so frustrated and disappointed that i almost lose my breath. this is our wake up call….stop the madness! start atoning for our sins or it’s going to be the cockroaches left after the dust settles…it feels like the apocalypse here…step right up and get your tickets…and we will rake you over the coals for the price of those tickets AND you’ll happily pay it and trample over our employees to make sure you get yours…whatever…it’s not in our control and we just go along with bail outs and time for a change and too bad because we have officially been in a recession since december 2007…thanks for the info by the way…i am mad as hell and i’m going to bitch because it’s my blog and i’ll bitch if i want to..

10 thoughts on “we are junkies

  1. Hey man, I share many of your same thoughts on this mess and most of your frustrations. It is a real shame the state of the economy we are in. I am sick of hearing about people that are not willing to step up and accept punishment for what they have done.


  2. Very nice rant. Another thought: this isn’t the first time we’ve gone through this. We, the people, get hoodwinked all over again because we get lulled into a sense of complacency. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Thomas Jefferson is supposed to have said this. That’s 200 years ago. And maybe the freedom he’s talking about isn’t just political, it’s economic, too.


  3. Wow!!! You said it and amen to that! Don’t know whether it’s the brain-sharing thing or what, but I needed this one…right this second, right when I read it. Thanks for the post and let’s just hope that someone that can do something about it, sees it.


  4. catchthespindan…thanks, its nice to know that my temper tantrum is somewhat universal!

    doug…i rant, therefore i am! good point about tj. i totally agree about being complacent..i think unfortunately, that affects us more than we’d like to admit.

    gbu2…working on the album right now…wanna add a song or two?

    deek…what can i say…i dont think anybody on this planet can do anything about this mess we’re in right now…i was never very good at holding my breath anyway


  5. I enjoyed the post…you’ve hit the nail on the head we are junkies. The question is do we know how to pull in the reigns in the upcoming months? I loved the rant…let it all out!


  6. gbu2……i was a very bad slacker last week…WTF is right!

    sammy25…..i don’t think most of us know how to get out of this even if we’re led by hand


  7. Ok, so I was inspired today (some would argue … not a good thing! LOL). And not having a blog of my own (I’m such a mooch), I decided that this post by Lisa (part of my inspiration!), was the best place to air my thoughts. Let’s call it: I hate everyone. That’s right. I hate everyone.

    I hate people. Because they suck.
    I hate clients. Because they always want something for nothing.
    I hate work. Because, as they say, a job stands for Just Over Broke.
    I hate the holidays. Because they remind me that I’m broke.
    I hate the mail carrier. Because s/he always brings me bills and never any money.
    I hate insurance companies. Because they are a racket.
    I hate credit card companies. Because they are evil.

    Most of all…

    I hate the person that I am when I hate everyone! So now that I’ve gotten it off my chest (thanks, Lisa!) I’m ready to try again. Hating is not good and takes way too much effort. But it’s so easy to get there mentally and emotionally!


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