my mom the turkey day hero

my mother is a truly amazing woman…she has 6 kids (7 if you include her husband). she can cook Thanksgiving dinner in her sleep with one hand tied behind her back, watch two of her grandsons, keep the older children out of the turkey, keep the husband out of the turkey, watch something on tivo, divide vitamins (i think we’re all old enough to know these are prescriptions, mom), have her finest chico’s outfit on (she’s very well known at the local chico’s store) and i’m told she is able to jump single story buildings in one leap….all this from a 5′ tall (that’s pushing it) little cuban package of “oh no you didn’t”. she will let us (all 25 of us or so) invade her house today for several hours while still smiling in between the conflicts, the food, the loud noises, the spillage, the football, the unexpected guests, more spillage and the cute grandkids. the crescendo of the day is when she loudly announces “i don’t want to see or hear from any of you kids unless someone is bleeding or the house is on fire!” we know that is the sign for “get out now; mom has had enough.” translation: i’ll see you tomorrow for turkey day leftovers…

we love you too mom…

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