i wanna be a blog hero!

ok…maybe  that’s a little dramatic…i do, however, have blog envy. “why”, you ask? your posts are incisive comments on today’s societal issues regarding religion and politics and are extremely thought provoking vignettes on real life issues…not so much. i had a relatively normal upbringing and don’t know enough about politics and religion so i only post on others…yes virginia, i have blog envy. i do find others extremely inspiring and they make me “wanna be a better blogger”. if anyone knows of a remedial blogging…well, blog, please let me know…in the meantime, should you be tag surfing and you happen upon this post, here are some really great, inspiring or just plain funny blogs you should check out (in no particular order) swimming in my head, in repair, sideon’s sanctuary, the good, the bad and the ugly and whisper in the void. do yourself a favor and check these out. i subscribe to all their feeds and find myself checking not once but several times a day to see if anything new has been posted or commented. ok…

*me: my name is wutupdogg and i’m a blogaholic…

response: hi wutupdogg…

i digress…my girlfriend laughs and watches me sneak off to the office to read or post a blog and when i come back trying to act as if i merely had to check something for work on my computer, she busts me with “did you do all your blog stuff, honey?”

anyway, gotta go check the feeds again…it’s been 30 minutes since my last blog check…


*gbu2…thanks for the call and response usage. i have given you your own footnote here to credit you.

sideon…thanks-i’m going to use the creative tags as you have recently and see what happens.

9 thoughts on “i wanna be a blog hero!

  1. You are doing just fine 🙂 I’m blushing, BLUSHING, I say, at the accolades. Thank you, and have a fantastic weekend.

    ((And there’s nothing wrong with being a blogaholic, by the way – I figure it’s MUCH cheaper than drinking, therapy, drugs, or any combination thereof))


  2. Wow, I’ve only blog-known you for like a week and you’re already promoting me? And the check hasn’t even cleared yet.

    You are so not a remedial blogger. I’m not even sure what that means. Anyway, I don’t know much about politics or religion, either. I just see shit and try to ask the dumb questions (the ones I’m good at).

    If you’re ever 2 hours south of home, let me know and we’ll get together.

    Have a great weekend! *hugs*


  3. my wife gets really irritated with me every time I fire up the computer but I dont care. I am a blogger as well as a work place etiquitte expert so why would I care. Great blog by the way.


  4. wutupdogg!!! you are so NOT remedial in your blogging skills. not only are your posts always entertaining, but you also have the ability to pick out another good blog when you see it. i couldn’t agree more with you…sideon’s sanctuary, whisper in the void, the good the bad and the ugly, in repair…all awesome sites that i find myself checking literally every half hour or so.

    you don’t have to talk religion or politics…trust me…i have the pleasure of knowing you outside of blog life and i can say to each and every one of you…if wutupdogg writes the way she speaks…you will all have a continuous laughter tear in your eye.

    btw, i’m thinking we’re going to need to add catchthespindan to the b-roll…pretty cool blog.


  5. gbu2…yes blog envy…its a little know “condition” that usually afflicts the “rookie-us blognoramus”…i am still looking for the appropriate medicinal response for such a condition. deek’s percotinis ought to do the trick!

    sideon…you’re sweet and don’t worry because my blog doesn’t get an obscene amount of traffic yet so i won’t have blown your cover by writing “out loud”.

    doug…well deserved link i have to say…plus you’re kind of a “homey”. incidentally, i looked to see if your account would cover your check and i got a thumbs up from your bank…

    catchthespindan…maybe we could start a blog for wives of habitual bloggers and let yours and mine spearhead the thing? thanks for the visit and you’ll be showing up in my blogroll shortly!

    derek…what can i say? did i send you the check that doug sent me?


  6. I just want to say that I was in the position you were 6 months ago when I started my blog. I had absolutly no idea what I was doing…and yes I had blog envy too! As I have worked my way though your page you have a good start already!!!!! Keep up the blogging you are doing great 🙂


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