what would jesus do?

i think jesus would love everyone and not put us into categories like gay, white, black, fat, stupid, low class, rich…whatever…i am always struck by the actions of some of the so-called religoius right when you see them proudly holding banners that say “jesus hates fags” or “aids is God’s way of punishing homos” or any number of other innappropriate things for one HUMAN to say to another. i am gay and religious (or at least on that journey). does that mean i don’t stand a chance of going to heaven? does that mean i’m wrong? i contend that we are all God’s children. why would He make anybody be a way that would persecute them the majority of their lives…i know some people think we “chose” this lifestyle…even better, why would we “choose” to live a way that would set us up for ridicule, prejudice and hardship? i have been extremely lucky in that i have a family that could really care less about my sexual orientation and who accepts me AND my relationship. i think that has set the tone for my life BUT i see the vote on proposition 8, amendment 2 and the one in arizona and it makes me sad to see such hate for a portion of the human race. i don’t want to hate those people back. i don’t want to boycott their companies or communities. i think that just perpetuates that hatred. i know somebody has to do something.

so again i ask…what would jesus do?

i don’t think He’d do what’s being done right now…i think He would want to clear the table and start all over again.

4 thoughts on “wwjd

  1. You’re using reason and logic. Call my cynical, but those don’t work when it comes to religion.

    I will try to not hate them back and probably fail to some degree.

    I will enthusiastically boycott their companies. Money is the bottom line for far too many people in this reality. I will vote with my dollars and my feet. I think Jesus would use any non-violent influence he had to create change.


  2. I agree with not perpetuating hatred, but I think I side with Doug somewhat in the money arena. For example, if you know that your church was taking the money that you donated to deliberately fund a campaign so that your relationship can not and will not be legally recognized, would you continue to donate money to the church?

    It’s a hard line to walk but I don’t think enough people realize that to truly get attention for something, you have to affect the bottom line. When there’s a united stance taken that affects the bottom line of some of these places that don’t act like Jesus would, they’ll change their tune because their livelihoods are affected. Call it ‘gayvine’ intervention.


  3. wow everyone…great responses…

    doug… i absolutely see your point. sadly, a lot of people are motivated (good and bad) by money AND i do think Jesus would be smarter than the average earth walking human and use whatever “non-violent influence” like you suggest…

    deek…it didn’t even occur to me to look at it like that…you both make a very strong point about using money as a catalyst…it still seems so evil AND i’m afraid i’m somewhat naive in this arena.

    gbu2…your response actually is more violent if you think about it…hahaha… and probably less effective than the money angle, sadly…but strangely, i can picture yours the easiest..i think deek’s cat has been sitting on my chest feeding the visuals to me after he’s done sucking the breath out of him…


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