are you kidding me?

on my way home from work i usually listen to “all things considered”…it’s calm, the speakers speak very evenly and smooth and i like it because it doesn’t get me worked up…most  of the time…tonight, i was listening and beginning my wind down from the day’s events and i hear this:”tivo and dominoes have forged a patrnership”…WTF?! i can be a pretty good couch potato at times but even i was not happy to hear the next piece of the report. apparently, you can sit on your couch, watching tv and when the dominoes pizza commercial comes on , you can just select the onscreen icon and you have pepperoni and anchovies on their way in the next 30 minutes. the reporter sounded almost giddy when he said “you don’t even have to get up and go get the phone!” is this what we’re coming to? i like a little rainy day, i’ve had a long week curl up on the couch every so often but c’mon! thanks tivo and dominoes for making us even fatter and lazier…what a sparkling revelation for us. this little marketing gem makes me want to jump up (or sit on my couch) and scream for joy…as long as i don’t have to exert myself while i do it…

7 thoughts on “are you kidding me?

  1. doug and goodbadandugly2…i was hoping they’d have the technology for the pizza to be served in front of me with a knife, fork and napkin…i’ll have to wait for the next brilliant idea…


  2. Too much! Our business needs a shot in the arm, so I think I’m going to go talk to Lifestyle Fitness to see if we can start shooting video of the classes that are going on so that way when a person sees a Lifestyle Family Fitness commercial, they can simply click a button on their remote and watch the class that they should really be taking.

    It’s brilliant! The act of lifting their arm should surely burn 1/16th of a calorie and if they change the volume, the mere act of pushing an additional button should push the metabolism into overdrive…We’re going to be RICH!!!!

    Crunching my abs as I’m typing this…here I come eight pack…


  3. Call me a pizza snob, but I like my pizza AT the parlor sharing a cold pitcher of beer with good friends.

    If we’re having pizza at home, we prefer the locally owned fabulousness. We’re also partial the incredibly cute driver who’s an outrageous flirt. Sorry, Tivo and Dominos – no cuties flirting? No pizza.


  4. sideon – pizza snob! well, you said to call you one, so i did. i thought you might like to know that on the east coast of the united states, tipping is historically handled by offering legal tender, not trying to flirt with the driver to find out IF they’re legal…sorry, couldn’t resist. i know it’s the kind of shady humor that makes your day. glad to see you around, hope all is well.


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