somebody talk me out of this

ok…i’m going to tell on myself a little this morning…

in the last couple of years or so i have often thought of running for an elected local position. i think of this for a few reasons…

  1. i want to make a difference (sounds a bit like the question portion of the miss florida contest, doesn’t it?)
  2. i love tampa and want to contribute to it’s future and growth/development
  3. i really enjoy the political arena for some strange reason

here are the reasons i say no to myself

  1. politics can be deceptive, back door, do as i say not as i do, bs
  2. i would not be willing to sell my soul for anything
  3. i think politics looks a bit like music does from an outside point of view…glamorous, helping people, making a change in your world…in reality is it trudging from one fundraiser to the next, placating the lobbyists, pundits (another word i’m not fond of), dealing with issues that really don’t hold a lot of impportance, handling an entourage, blah, blah, blah…

what have i decided to do, you ask?

i have put in an application for a citizens’ advisory council to the hillsborough board of county commisioners to be involved in the human relations issues they face.

someone tell me i’m crazy and what am i thinking by even “entertaining” this idea. i have been involved for a short while in a local business organization and have made it to the board. what i find curious here is the extreme amount of “politics” that takes place in our little 550 member organization. we take it serious folks. should i look at that as a harbinger of things to come and politely say “no thank you” should i get the call? OR should i nut up and see what all this “politics business” is about before i retrieve my hat from the ring?

just random musings on a dreary gray morning…

enough serious talk for now…the “wife” and i have to take our pug to “Pugsgiving for pugs in the park”

operators are standing by…

6 thoughts on “somebody talk me out of this

  1. Things that make you go hmmmmmm. I don’t want to be a WTF hog, so I’ll let someone else start with the real opinions…and if by the time I’m back from the gym, nobody else has said what they think…I’ll do it…’irregardless’ of any time I’ll have to spend rubbing “ointment” on my knees for joint pain…

    Hey…are these comments moderated? Nuttin’ but love for ya!


  2. Ok…I’m back from the gym and nobody has taken the opportunity to give their opinion yet, so I will.

    The position you’re considering…is it actually an elected position once the application is in or do you just work with the elected officials that are part of the HCC? If it’s just working with and doesn’t require being elected, it may be a good way to ‘get your feet wet’ and see what you think about life on that side of the desk.

    My only concern would be knowing you and knowing your other half, that really only 1 of you will probably be 100% happy with political life. Don’t forget that with politics, comes scrutiny and a lot of it. Those that support you, will always support you and those that don’t will blog.

    As long as you and L are ok with the new-found fame and infamy, I think you would make a great contribution to our county and our residents.

    Supporting you whichever way you decide…


  3. Hi, I found you through Sideon. I’m in the Cape Coral area, and you being fairly close in Tampa, I figured I’d check out your bloggie.

    I think your first step will give you a good idea of what you’ll be facing. As Deek mentioned, if the CAC isn’t elected, I’m assuming you can back out if it turns out to be not what you’re looking for? I think your experience on the board is definitely a harbinger of things to come.

    Hope you had fun at Pugsgiving!


  4. deek…the position is not an elected position but an appointed position. i assume by the b.o.c.c. i definitely see me “getting my feet wet” if i am chosen. my other half actually supported this move as she’d like to see me branch out a little but i do think that going forward past an appointed position would be a big step for both of us. i just feel like we are ripe here to have more openly gay people in more places in politics. i think when more people can see that we’re “normal” we may stand a better chance of having some of our rights “restored” OR gasp, dare i say it? “awarded” to us. award seems like they’re doing us a favor but…

    second, i REALLY do want to make a difference and that’s the naive dreamer in me…i know i can always count on your support…

    incidentally, anything elected position would only be a consideration if i didn’t have my full time gig…

    doug…thanks for the comments…i love sideon’s blog! i checked yours out too and like it as well…with your blessings i’d like to add you to my blogroll. as far as the postion and the opportunities it may afford, i like to see the passion in people particularly when speaking of their “home”. i’m hoping that’s what i experience and not a lot of bs politics and behind the back deals. again, i’m a dreamer and tend to take most people at face value…i’m sure i’ll be learning a valuable lesson either way.

    pugsgiving was amazing in that i had no idea that many people were that crazy about pugs and would gather in community….plus it was really kind of cute to see them all…thanks for asking. i’m pretty sure we’ll be skipping the pitbull pounce in the park.


  5. Really, it is a first step. And that first step won’t hurt a thing. If you like it, then you can continue, and if you don’t, you can move along. At the worst, you will have a bit of a closer look into the workings of gov’t.



  6. tommy..thanks for the input…as a side bar i am already exhibiting curious behaviour as i found my self watching the local government channel a couple of nights ago at 4 a.m. and viewing the investiture of the new board of county commissioners….


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