can somebody answer this question for me?

ok, my girlfriend and i have often wondered aloud ( we do that a lot here) about something. what we’re both curious to know is 1) how and why did mccain (and “handlers”) pick sarah palin as his running mate and 2) why didn’t obama choose hilary as his?

anyone wanna take this one?

4 thoughts on “can somebody answer this question for me?

  1. I think McCain picked Palin because she appealed to the members of the Republican party who didn’t really care for McCain. She’s ultra-conservative and he isn’t, so alot of the “Right” like her views and will vote for McCain because of it.

    I think Obama didn’t pick Hillary for a multitude of reasons, including his ego and the Clinton baggage that she would’ve brought to the ticket. If he had picked Clinton, I think they’d have smoked McCain/Palin in the election, but he might do that anyway! 🙂


  2. Bian, plus mccain and palin are both “mavericks” so stands to reason…haha
    as far as obama…i hear you and agree that he’d be kicking more republican butt than he is now. i took the ego issue into consideration but thought getting the additional votes that hillary might’ve garnered would have played into his decision a little more. then i just sort of turned it into a made for tv drama where obama might be telling his campaign manager “i’ll never bring that woman aboard!” i have an overactive imagination…i think obama/biden will smoke mccain/palin too…i guess this way they get the best of both worlds…obama doesn’t have to share anything with hillary and she and President clinton still support the greater good of a democratic President…thanks for shedding light for me.


  3. Good pick for a subject.

    1) I agree, in part with Brian about McCain’s pick of Palin. He definitely needed the right-wing buy-in, but I think there was a little more to it than that. I believe that some of it had to do with aesthetics. Most men between 35 and 45 (blue collar or otherwise) sided with “W” during the 2004 election. John McCain did not and still does not have a strong platform to run on mostly because of his struggle with economics. So, I believe that he thought he could garner that crucial voting population by bringing in the “hot librarian”. What he didn’t anticipate was her having her own agenda that was too micro-niche for the current climate that our country is in and he didn’t capture that demographic.

    2) I think Obama picked Biden because of experience. Say what you want about Biden’s long-winded speeches and everything else, but it cannot be denied that he is the 6th longest serving Senator in office and he has a proven track record of being able to “reach across the aisle”. The popular vote doesn’t really matter, it’s the electoral college. If you want crossover from the electoral college, then you have to have a running mate that has that appeal. Remember the Clinton’s have some long standing enemies in DC and I’m sure those enemies haven’t forgotten. One more observation…we’ve all forgotten how ugly the campaigning got between Hillary and Obama before the primary. Maybe, just maybe they learned during that period that they really couldn’t work well together. People keep referring to this as a one-sided decision not to choose her, but there is a strong possibility that Hillary is just proving how smart she is and how powerful by endorsing Obama. She may not have wanted to work with him as the sidekick either, so the better alternative is to concede to the loss, use the advantage that you have and endorse the better choice of the 2 (Obama v McCain). If she hadn’t endorsed him, all of the women, LGBT community members and other staunch supporters were previously talking about voting for McCain – That “my friends” would have been a disaster.

    Sorry for the length, but I definitely don’t think it had anything to do with her being a woman. In fact, my guess is that she’ll get a pretty decent job within the administration if Obama wins.


  4. d…i didn’t even consider the “cute vote” theory…sadly, that probably worked in more cases than we’d like to believe.

    excellent point about Hillary as well…i’m curious to see if she does get a spot in the Obama administration (if he wins). not to mention that this could be setting her up for another future run at the casa blanca!

    i’ll be in front of my tv tomorrow with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of tequila (or maybe just a diet green tea) watching the returns….sounds sexy, doesn’t it?


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