only four more days

i was sitting on my couch, minding my own business, watching something brain numbing on t.v. halloween night, only getting up every few minutes or so to pass out sugar to the kiddies shouting “trick or treat”. as luck would have it, my trips back to the couch coincided with bookend commercials from obama and mccain. i dont know about you, but four or five repeats like that can wear a girl’s patience thin…what to do? order a movie on demand…aaaaaah, the power of technology. i’m not sure i can take four more days of this…maybe this is someone’s way of saying “get off your ass and do something!”.

naaaah, it’s just a coincidence, i’m sure.

7 thoughts on “only four more days

  1. The question is: what movie did you get on demand? Oh, and by the way…I’m my other personality right now. You know, “Someone” and I’ve got something to tell you….shhhh, use your inside voice when you respond to what I’m about to say….ready?

    “Get off your ass and do something!!!”

    Couldn’t help it…lol. I’ve only got two other alter egos – one is “World” from which I say “hello” back and “Someone” from which I command thee to stop watching McBama commercials and make some popcorn.

    You came out swinging with the blog! LOVE IT!


  2. deek, or is it “someone”…you’re first!
    the movie was a highly intellectual movie called “baby mama”
    AND why is my inside voice louder than the one i use daily?
    thanks for the props d


  3. First, I’m so glad this is almost over (or has it just begun?).

    Second, Baby Mama is a great way to spend some free time. Poehler/Fey make an excellent team!!


  4. Ok…Lisa or Brian, I know that we’re ‘late-bloomers’ when it comes to being up on movies, but since it appears that you’ve both seen “Baby Mama” already, will you be doing a movie review?

    Guess we’ll rent that one today…


  5. Brian, i think it may have just begun…haha
    As far as Poehler/Fey….love those two!
    Deek, Baby Mama is not the most cerebral of movies but a great distraction nonetheless…the premise is that Fey can’t get pregnant and hires Poehler as a surrogate mama…add in a few twists and turns and voila! Baby Mama!


  6. “Baby Mama” the movie choice of this upcoming weekend. Thank you to B & LL for such objective reviews enabling me to choose without bias.


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