100 things about me (ok maybe just 99 for now)

  1. i love the smell of rain
  2. i start getting cranky every sunday night around 8pm
  3. i wish i knew more about politics
  4. i wish i knew more about religion
  5. i don’t like the word “ointment”
  6. the song “singing in the rain” pops into my head at odd times
  7. i thought this would be easier (i think some one else already used that but it’s true)
  8. my mother is my hero
  9. i think my girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread
  10. i really like sliced bread
  11. one of my pet peeves is when people use the word “irregardless”
  12. i wanted to be an english major after i wanted to be a singer/musician but changed my mind and wanted to be an artist
  13. i am none of these
  14. 51 is my favorite number (funny that it’s entry 14)
  15. i find people by and large to be very motivating and inspiring in different ways
  16. i think smart is incredibly sexy
  17. my girlfriend is brilliant-you do the math
  18. i have eaten chef boyardee ravioli straight out of the can more than once
  19. mitch albom books make me cry
  20. augusten burroughs books make me laugh my ass off
  21. sometimes i like to sing in an ethel merman voice really loud
  22. this drives my girlfriend crazy
  23. i do it anyway
  24. i have an extreme dislike of okra
  25. i am loyal to my own detriment which is exhibited by the fact that i felt bad for buying bare minerals makeup this weekend after having worn exclusively mac makeup for several years
  26. on my desk at work i have a tray full of rocks from various locations
  27. i don’t collect rocks
  28. my co-workers like to mess up the order of the rocks and see how long it takes me to notice
  29. my fastest time is under a minute
  30. some people would say i’m anal retentive
  31. i’m bringing sexy back
  32. ok, i’m not really but i am bringing funny back and i find funny very sexy…does that count?
  33. my girlfriend is extremely funny
  34. my girlfriend is a lot of things
  35. i can’t tell you all of them here
  36. i used to like mint but now it sickens me
  37. i also cannot stand the taste of lemongrass or cilantro
  38. i like to say the word cilantro
  39. i always wanted a music man bass
  40. i don’t have one
  41. i used to be a catholic but switched to methodist
  42. this disappointed my father
  43. for some reason i can’t stop humming the theme to “the adams family”
  44. i like to put my friends names in songs and sing them to them incessantly
  45. they usually find this entertaining until it becomes irritating
  46. i’m sarcastic
  47. my girlfriend kicks my butt in sarcastic
  48. never ask me about naked line dancing
  49. if it was legal AND i had a great body, i’d be naked all the time
  50. thank God it’s not legal
  51. i have four sisters and two brothers
  52. i also have two nephews and one niece
  53. those that can talk call me boo boo (of the niece and nephews, i mean)
  54. my girlfriend calls me that as well, among other things
  55. i sometimes call my mom by her first name so she’ll hear me
  56. that doesn’t always work
  57. when my father and step father are in the same place together, i have to remember to call one dad and one pop so that i don’t make either one jealous
  58. i think i’m the only one worrying about that
  59. friday at 6:00pm is my favorite time of week
  60. i have the entire weekend in front of me
  61. i think waking up on the weekend and realizing you can go back to sleep is delicious
  62. i don’t sleep much lately so this rarely happens
  63. i love a crisp in the air
  64. i do not nor will i ever like daylight savings time
  65. i’m on a roll
  66. i like to play music really loud in my car and sing along at the top of my lungs until i notice someone watching me at the stop light
  67. sometimes i don’t stop…singing
  68. my 10 year old nephew is totally cool with me being gay and adores my girlfriend
  69. so do i
  70. this feels like a good place to take a break
  71. this feels like a good place to start again
  72. i wouldn’t trade sitting in a torrential down pour with my sister watching the bucs play football (thankfully winning) for anything even taking into consideration that i was soaked to the bone and couldn’t get warm for several hours afterwards
  73. sometimes, i’m in love with a pug named ginger
  74. i am totally addicted to lipton diet green tea with citrus
  75. i will give a store manager a piece of my mind if they are out of stock of said tea
  76. i censored that last entry so that i wouldn’t use the word bitch
  77. i used the word bitch in that last entry anyway
  78. i often fantasize that i stay in bed with the covers pulled all the way up and wake up next summer
  79. waking up next summer is not an option
  80. hell, falling asleep tonight might not be an option
  81. i’m addicted to a show called “storm chasers”
  82. my girlfriend likes to point out and sometimes mimics the odd faces i make
  83. sometimes i make the odd faces because i know she’s watching and will get a kick out of it
  84. other times, i surprise myself and actually catch me making the odd faces
  85. right now was one of those times
  86. i believe forty something is the new thirty something
  87. slowly but surely my girlfriend is getting me to get rid of all my old bachelorette furniture
  88. i pretend that this bothers me
  89. secretly it doesn’t but i like her to think she’s getting the upper hand sometimes
  90. i hope she doesn’t read my blog anytime soon
  91. some nights i feel way too old for my age
  92. this is one of those nights
  93. sometimes when i’m in my car alone driving i talk out loud to God
  94. i’m pretty sure He doesn’t like it that i cuss when i’m speaking to Him
  95. i’m 100% sure He loves me anyway
  96. i am deathly afraid of dentists
  97. i’m a purse whore
  98. i never used to be so serious
  99. i may just keep this list at 99 since everyone else does 100

13 thoughts on “100 things about me (ok maybe just 99 for now)

  1. Re:
    1. You are so right!
    5. ointment, ointment, ointment, ointment…just want to see what you do with that
    8. Mama C is awesome & if you haven’t met her, you’re missing out!
    9. Amen to that! Slap me and call me ‘WonderToast’.
    11. ‘Irregardless’ of what you think, ‘irregardless’ is in the dictionary for some…you know the one – the South of the Mason-Dixon dictionary…lol
    15. You do the same for so many others…now hurry up and get the other 85 done…love this!


  2. goodbadandugly2…thanks! it was either that or “therapy anyone?”…i like your blog as well! i’m adding you to my blogroll if you’re good with that!


  3. Ointment, ointment, ointment, therapy, irregardless, also but too, Russia from my porch, you betcha, hockey mom, joe sixpack, maverick.


  4. she’s creepy and she’s kooky
    mysterious and spooky
    she’s altogether ooky
    the naked lady in the closet playing the drums family…

    sorry…had to do it…you can’t dangle a carrot like that and not expect me to bite…


  5. #81 – total brain-sharing again…’the other one’ hates it when I hijack the family room tv to watch it. if there’s ever a marathon…let’s get snacks and watch? what do you say?


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